Zappos hacked…say it ain’t so!

Sadly the online shoe retailer will be doing more than taking orders this morning.  They will be answering a lot of questions about their customer accounts.

Zappos has a great reputation for their marketing, sales and outstanding customer service…we talk about them all the time in the marketing class I teach.  However this week we will add something more to that dicussion – “how do you react when you have been hacked?”

I wish Zappos the best – if anyone can clean up a problem it should be them.  Their staff have always had a “can-do” attitude that cames from empowering your employees.

read the article here

“Dear beloved” – and so it begins

Many of the Nigerian scam letters I get in my SPAM – have “dear beloved” in the subject line – way too funny for one I know uses that term. Yet – it appears to be effective – I see it often.

When I worked in banking many years ago – occasionally someone would get a physical letter (now referred to as snail mail) informing them of wealth beyond their dreams if they would only do “X” in exchange.  Tellers would often see these letters and then alert higher ups that someone was being scammed.  With the invention of the internet and email the scams are cheaper for them to run their marketing AND they get a higher take rate and banking staff might not be aware of a customer being scammed.

While I have always blammed greed for those that get scammed – I do wonder if they aren’t just stupid as well.  I know that sounds mean but – seriously let’s look at the Nigerian Scam for what it is.

1. A person you do not know AT ALL suddenly contacts you and indicates they want to share their wealth with you.

2. You don’t know the laws of another country and yet you TRUST this person or entity that they are being legit.

3. Always in another country…not yours.

4. Add in all of the other crap that these emails entail..

Just in case you have wondered what might happen should you be dumb enough to follow through with a request – read this story – click here.  You can find a million other stories both online and at the FBI…don’t fall for these stories that play to your greed.


Is the healthcare industry really ready for electronic medical records?

Mobile devices

Mobile devices used for work related projects can lead to problems without the proper protection

Hospital breaches are almost a weekly occurrence.  With the growing use of electronic records and people using personal mobile devices for work there is an increasing opportunity for data to be lost or stolen.   Many healthcare facilities lack the support staff to monitor all available mobile devices being used for work related projects and the growing use of vendors and electronic  data further degrades the monitoring cycle.

Some breaches are unintentional – however there is a growing  passion for identify theft of medical data, which should make the healthcare industry start beefing up their security infrastructure.

If you think it won’t happen to you – read on:

Why should I care?

Well first there is this “little thing” called HIPAA /HITECH – states that  you MUST secure patient records!  If you don’t you get lots of bad press (and on the internet it is the gift that keeps giving), huge multi-million dollar fines and lots of lawsuits.

What can I do as a patient?

Bottom line – as a patient or a healthcare practitioner – you must be diligent.  This is not an issue you can passively monitor.

Millions of online poker players data lost

Yet again another online poker site has been hacked.  Hackers seem to take pleasure in hacking gaming sites…not sure why the sites aren’t a little beefier on their security.  The site this time was Ultimate Bet Poker (Blanca Games).  For more information you can read the post here.