Steve Jobs and Instant News

The night that Steve Jobs passed away I was teaching a marketing class at a local community college.  Suddenly my students started waiving their cell phones and pointing them towards me – almost in unison I heard – “Steve Jobs just died” – some

life in the fast lane - image of dashboard of a MG Cabriolet - by JalilArfaoui

life in the fast lane - MG Cabriolet - by JalilArfaoui - flickr

only mouthing the words.  The impact of his contributions would be discussed in a future class, but it was the impact of the instant news that night that made me want to write about it for my blog.

It was difficult to continue teaching.  A man I admired had left the earth a better place but, his genius was gone with him.

We live in a world of instant news!  Life in a fast lane – destined to not slow down.  I am old enough to remember when you got your news at night on the TV, WOW how the world has changed!  The evening news is becoming obsolete, along with other forms of news that delivers content long after the event.

Like many, my news comes in a variety of different instant sources – twitter, internet, facebook etc. – most of the time the news is legit – some are rumors.  I had hoped that the news of his death was just a rumor – it has happened before.  Sadly this time it was legit.

The life in the fast lane means that we sometimes hit overload – that is when I unplug!  While I love all the content I can get at a moments notice, I also find that instant news, instant updates, instant instant instant…makes me wand everything in life to be instant…and that isn’t always good.  I have quite a few friends that unplug on the weekends – I usually unplug from work (unless needed of course).

Of course if I am out fishing I am unplugged unless there are electronics on the boat finding me big fish!!

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