Zappos hacked…say it ain’t so!

Sadly the online shoe retailer will be doing more than taking orders this morning.  They will be answering a lot of questions about their customer accounts.

Zappos has a great reputation for their marketing, sales and outstanding customer service…we talk about them all the time in the marketing class I teach.  However this week we will add something more to that dicussion – “how do you react when you have been hacked?”

I wish Zappos the best – if anyone can clean up a problem it should be them.  Their staff have always had a “can-do” attitude that cames from empowering your employees.

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Millions of online poker players data lost

Yet again another online poker site has been hacked.  Hackers seem to take pleasure in hacking gaming sites…not sure why the sites aren’t a little beefier on their security.  The site this time was Ultimate Bet Poker (Blanca Games).  For more information you can read the post here.